ExpressJet Weekly Update November 9, 2015


negotiations.fistWe have addressed the slow pace we have experienced in negotiations since the Company filed for mediation a year ago and the Company will be in communication with the mediator to explore options of meeting without the mediator present.

However, we still have not received any further updates from the National Mediation Board regarding new meeting dates since the September negotiations session was canceled due to our assigned mediator being on medical leave. We will update you as soon as we receive more information.


Upcoming Local Lodge Meetings & District Lodge Station Visits

Please check the calendar below for upcoming Local Lodge meetings and Station Visits.

Local Lodge 2339N meeting Tuesday, Nov 10th at 3pm @ EWR Embassy Suites

Local Lodge 2339O meeting Wednesday, Nov 11th at 1pm @ ORD Best Western

Local Lodge 2339H meeting Tuesday, Nov 17th at 1pm @ IAH Will Clayton Ramada

Local Lodge 2339A meeting Wednesday Nov 18th at 2pm @ ATL North Fairfield Inn & Suites


The hotels for all meetings offer complimentary shuttle service. 


~ November 2015 ~
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SR Marche Johnson Cooper @ DTW


GC Sara Gonzales @ EWR LL2339N Meeting
SR Marche Johnson Cooper @ DTW

11 GC Sara Gonzales @ ORD

LL2339O Meeting


SR Melissa Brennan @ IAH










GC Sara Gonzales &

SR Melissa Brennan @ IAH


SR Marche Johnson Cooper @ DFW


GC Sara Gonzales &

SR Melissa Brennan @ 2339H Meeting


SR Marche Johnson Cooper @ DFW

18 GC Sara Gonzales &

SR Melissa Brennan @ DFW


SR Marche Johnson Cooper @ 2339A Meeting








Upcoming Meetings with COO Terry Vais

Our new COO Terry Vais has scheduled two follow up meetings with our District Lodge Representatives Sara Gonzales, Melissa Brennan and Marche Johnson Cooper.  These meetings will be to follow up on the meeting held in October and address any other current concerns as well.  We are looking forward to getting a response regarding our negotiations process, which has been almost completely stalled since the Company filed for mediation over a year ago.  These meetings will be held in ATL on November 20th and December 23rd.


Scheduling Update

If you feel that Crew Scheduling has made an error regarding your schedule, please contact your grievance representative immediately. Please remember you are contractually obligated to try and resolved the issue with your CFA.

Section 9.B.3. A duty period will not be scheduled to exceed fourteen (14) hours. Actual duty periods will not exceed sixteen (16) hours (“actual duty limit”). A Flight Attendant may volunteer to complete a flight that would cause her/him to exceed the actual duty limit. A Flight Attendant who does not want to voluntarily exceed the actual duty limit will notify the Company as early as possible, particularly considering the Company’s opportunity to replace the Flight Attendant, and she/he will be placed into rest so as not to exceed the actual duty limit.

Section 9.4.a. When deadheading on the last leg(s) of a trip in order to return a Flight Attendant to the domicile on an unscheduled basis (i.e., the deadhead(s) was not part of the original trip), her/his duty period will end at block out of the deadhead flight, and her/his rest period will begin fifteen (15) minutes after block in at the domicile. This provision may be used only if the deadhead flight(s) would cause the Flight Attendant to exceed the on-duty limitations of this Agreement.

Split pairings- If you have attempted to pick up or drop a split pairing and it’s been denied with an error code or any reason that’s not contractual please contact your grievance representatives immediately.  This has occurred this week, we will update you as soon as we have more information

Grievance Update
grievancesWe currently have 2 ATL grievances waiting to be heard, 1 ATL grievance settled amicably, to date 10 grievances have been appealed to Grievance Mediation and 2 are pending arbitration.

In addition, there will be CRJ Grievance Training for our newly elected grievance reps on Thursday, Nov. 12 and a grievance meeting for our current reps on Nov. 13.



Job Shares

We experienced an issue last month regarding job shares and what constitutes a line holder or a reserve as lineholders must job share with another lineholder and reserves must job share with another reserve.  We were able to resolve the issue with the Company but please keep in mind in accordance with our CBA either two active lineholders or two active reserves assigned to the same domicile may bid for a jobshare together.  Please note that an active lineholder is considered a Flight Attendant who was awarded a line during Phase 1 of the previous month’s bid or a Flight Attendant who holds a relief line during Phase 2 of the previous month’s bid. If a Flight Attendant was awarded a relief line in the previous month, they are ineligible to bid with a Flight Attendant who was awarded a Phase 2 Reserve schedule in the previous month.  If you have any questions please contact your Local Lodge grievance Representative.


Grievance Update
This week no additional grievances were received for appeal to Step 2. The base breakdown for pending Step 2 grievances is as follows:






All the outstanding Step 2 grievances are scheduled to be heard in ATL on November 19th.

Grievance mediation is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday, November 12th & 13th in San Antonio due to the Mediator’s location. We will be addressing outstanding grievances, most of which have already been appealed to arbitration.

We have two upcoming conference calls for Grievance representatives on November 9th and November 23rd.


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