ExpressJet Weekly Update June 11, 2015


Unfortunately due to scheduling issues we were unable to meet for negotiations this week, however we will be meeting July 21st through July23rd in Atlanta, GA.

FMLA Issues

If you have been experiencing any FMLA issues please remember to contact your local representatives for assistance with the process.  If you wait until it’s too late you may experience discipline because your FMLA was not approved.


Grievance Update

We are set to hear 11 grievances at Step 2 on June 17th, this includes 1 from IAH, 3 from ORD, 3 from EWR and 4 from CLE.

As you know we have several outstanding grievances that have been appealed to arbitration.  Some of these cases we are setting up a meeting to review all outstanding ERJ grievances to perhaps achieve settlement or identify cases, which there is obviously no possibility for settlement outside of arbitration.

However, we have requested that the grievance regarding positive space for displaced flight attendants and the grievance regarding Sked+ blocking line holders from automated trades once they read a false 1/7 violation (recognizing only a calendar day instead of 24 hours off in domicile) be pushed to arbitration as soon as possible because we have exhausted all possibilities for settlement without avail.

Jumpseat Issues

There have been issues reported with the ability to jumpseat on our own aircraft as many agents are stating that we must list online and there are no longer any paper forms.  As we all know we are not able to list online and have no choice but to utilize paper forms. This issue was brought up to XJT management and they have addressed the issue with UAL.  If anyone has these issues please contact your local lodge rep so we can continue to address the problem.

DFW Line Values

We have been experiencing DFW line value averages below the contractually permitted 80 hours.  As required by our grievance procedure we have attempted to resolve the issue with management but that attempt has not been successful.  The ERJ DFW grievance representative has been instructed to file a grievance as soon as possible.


Grievance Update

One ATL grievance was sent to the District for appeal in April and has been appealed to grievance mediation.  No CRJ grievances were submitted for appeal in May and in June so far there is one ATL grievance that is in the process of being submitted for appeal to mediation.  Grievance mediation is scheduled to be held in Atlanta on August 5th and 6th.


Please fill out an IOR and an ASAP report if you are having issues with the new configuration drawers not sitting properly on top of the carts.  This may cause a cart to tip over and we are tracking this as a safety item.

Scheduling Meeting

Your representatives met with the Scheduling Department to address concerns.  These concerns included following the accurate usage of the bucket list for reserve assignments, proper reserve utilization and an increased focus on leveling reserve hours.  Also addressed were 5 open time pairings that seemed to temporarily disappear from initial open time, however, we were able to verify those pairings were awarded in seniority order. In addition, although the Company has the contractual right to withhold open time if the reserves are projected to fly under guarantee we have continued to explain the negative impact this has on the quality of life for our line holders.  If you have concerns you would like addressed with Crew Scheduling please email


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Updated: June 11, 2015 — 11:00 am
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