Brothers and Sisters:

As with many weather disasters, we have yet again been left with an unbelievable amount of rain, flooding, damage, and loss of life in the southern region of our country. From Southwest Airlines Agents, to ExpressJet Airlines Flight Attendants–we have come together in a critical time to support those in need, in any way possible. The IAM has over 140 members with Southwest Airlines living in and around the flooded areas. Most of our Flight Attendant bases, if not all, have at least one commuter from the Louisiana area, and we would like them to know that we are here for all of them in such a difficult time. If you, or any member you know, has experienced damages in this storm, please email your Local Lodge President, Carli Meneses, 2339N (IAMCarliCappelli@gmail.com) or Norma Ramirez, 2198 (noherr21@gmail.com), with the enclosed form attached, so we can work on getting you any relief assistance as soon as possible.


For those of us that are fortunate enough to not be experiencing such a tragedy, we would like to open up the opportunity to give back to the Red Cross, by hosting a toiletry/donation drive. If you live in Louisiana and/or would like to volunteer to transport the donations raised in your base, back to the Red Cross in the Louisiana area, please email Carli or Norma and we will be sure to place a collections box in your base.

It is in times like these, that we reflect on just how precious life is. For those who have contributed to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, thank you for making it possible to be able to give back to our Brothers and Sisters in need. It is only through donations, that we can make this happen, and no donation is ever too big or too small. If you would like information on how to donate to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, please visit http://www.goiam.org/forms/index.php/iam-disaster-relief/


In Solidarity,

April Butler           Carrie Lessley           Jessica Morris          Kenny Champagne

Sara Gonzales      Melissa Brennan  Marche Johnson-Cooper     Norma Ramirez            Carli Meneses
           General Chair           Special Representatives          XJT 2198 LL President   2339N LL President


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Updated: August 15, 2016 — 12:39 pm
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