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McConnell tees up Senate consideration of FAA bill this week (WE WILL BE PUSHING FOR CSA LANGUAGE AND FA 10 HR REST)

Fresh off a two-week recess, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell kicked off today’s session by getting the legislative ball rolling on the Senate’s FAA bill. McConnell moved to proceed to an unrelated House bill (H.R. 636), which will serve as the legislative shell for the Senate’s FAA measure (S. 2658), the first of several steps […]

IAM Members at Hawaiian Airlines Ratify Contracts

IAM Districts 141 and 142 today announced that IAM members at Hawaiian Airlines overwhelmingly ratified recent tentative agreements covering approximately 2,200 Mechanic and Related, Clerical, Office, Stores, Fleet Service and Passenger Service Employees at the carrier. The five year accords provide pay increases, enhanced job security, hold the line on health care costs and secures […]


With the recently reached Tentative Agreement, a ratification vote will occur on Friday, January 8, 2016 for all Hawaiian Airlines stations.  At the ratification meeting, all members will have an opportunity to have any and all questions answered and the opportunity to cast their vote.  These times should allow for everyone who is scheduled to […]

Hawaiian Airlines Mechanic and Related Tentative Agreement

On December 8, 2015, IAM Districts 141 and 142 announced tentative agreements with Hawaiian Airlines that covers the carrier’s 2,200 Mechanic and Related, Clerical, Office, Stores, Fleet and Passenger Service employees. Attached you will find the proposed five-year Agreement for Hawaiian Mechanic and Related Employees which provides pay raises retroactively from October 1, 2015, enhances […]

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