Sisters and Brothers,

In the last month several events have occurred and discussed with the Company concerning Safety.

During the monthly Inflight Safety Meeting, turbulence injuries were discussed. It was noted that although some injuries occurred during clear air, several were during rough air.  An email was sent to all the line pilots at Expressjet and an Alert bulletin was sent to the flight attendants to help curve turbulence injuries.

A call came last week from a flight attendant concerning lavatory security seals missing on an international flight. The flight was 4 hours late out of Atlanta to reinspect the area and seal them. After talking with Corp. Security and them meeting with Inflight Management, another Alert was communicated to Inflight concerning new guidance.

This week an event was paged concerning a safety and security event in flight. The flight attendants filed an IOR, but didn’t file an ASAP.  Please remember when in doubt to file an ASAP.  All ASAP data is de-identified for the submitter’s protection. Only the IAM ERC members would ever see the filers information and only to contact them for more information.

Please continue to email or call with your Safety concerns.


Fly Safe,

Sharon Moss-Bonner
Flight Safety ExpressJet


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Updated: April 27, 2017 — 10:25 am
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