IAM / PAE – HOMESTEAD CBP Negotiations Update

As was communicated via bulletin yesterday, details concerning these negotiations were released to the membership.  One important detail that was not made clear enough is that while the bulletin states “AGREEMENT REACHED”, it is incumbent that the membership know that certain elements of these negotiations were the subject of a last, best and final offer.  We will be discussing these specifics in more detail during the ratification meetings next week.

The ratification will be conducted next Wednesday, September 30, 2015, between the hours of 1300 and 1700 at the site in Homestead, Florida.  All members must be present to vote as there is no absentee balloting conducted for a contract ratification vote.  During the meeting, an explanation will be given on the changes to the contract and all members will be able to have their questions answered.  Once that is concluded, all members will be casting votes via two ballots; one for acceptance/rejection of the contract, and one for a strike sanction vote.  Most of you have been through this process before and understand the significance of the strike vote, however, we will be discussing it again in detail during the ratification meeting.

If there are any questions or concerns prior to the ratification meeting, please contact your Negotiating Committee members, or feel free to reach me on my cell at (859) 653-4037, or by email at jsamuel@iamdl142.org.

With best wishes, I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel



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Updated: September 30, 2015 — 3:31 am
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