Following the membership’s rejection of the contract on September 30th, talks continued with the Company yesterday afternoon and today in an effort to conclude these negotiations.  Based on the input provided by the membership yesterday, we were able to make additional overall improvements to the rejected terms.  The improvements are as follows:


  • The Medical premiums were reduced from $65 per week to $59.15 per week
  • The one-time increase that was to occur in 2017 has been eliminated

The reduction in Medical premiums alone equates to an additional annual savings of $304.20 or $912.60 over the term for each IAM member currently enrolled in the family Medical plan.  As was discussed during the previous ratification meeting, the remaining rates, and associated savings, were set by the Union in negotiations and the family plan rate was not.  This has now been rectified.

Also eliminated was the one-time increase of $5 per week that was to occur for the 2017 plan year.  The elimination of this increase equates to an additional $260 annually or $520 over the term for all IAM members.

Based on the above improvements, it is the recommendation of the Negotiating Committee that the membership support these changes with a YES vote in the next ratification meeting.  This vote will occur next Tuesday afternoon, October 6, and will take place again at the CBP building in Homestead, FL.  All dayshift personnel will vote as soon as their shift concludes at 1600.  All swing shift personnel will vote prior to their shift beginning at 1530 starting at approximately 1445.

I again wish to thank the PAE membership for their support and steadfast patience throughout this process.  If there are any questions or concerns prior to the ratification meeting, please contact your Negotiating Committee members, or feel free to reach me on my cell at (859) 653-4037, or by email at jsamuel@iamdl142.org.

With best wishes, I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel

General Chairperson


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Updated: October 2, 2015 — 4:03 pm
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