IAM / PSA AIRLINES 2015 Call For Proposals

The IAM/PSA Collective Bargaining Agreement becomes amendable on April 24, 2016 with bargaining set to commence 6 months prior to the amendable date per Article 28 of the Agreement.  This language guarantees that the Company and your Union have already agreed to commence the negotiations process early.  I recently have had the initial conversations with the Company concerning negotiations.

Pursuant to the above, please be advised that a call for contract proposals is in order.

Accordingly, all proposed changes to the contract need to be submitted to District Lodge 142 at the address listed on the proposal form by, or before, July 1, 2015, and must contain the following information:

  1. Identify the article, paragraph and page number to be amended
  2. Proposed contract language change or modification
  3. Example of problem or reason for change
  4. Your name, Local Lodge/Station and employee and/or and IAM Book number

Contract proposal forms may be obtained from your Shop Steward or downloaded here. When submitting more than one change, each change should be on a separate form and must include your signature and IAM book number.  Additional information concerning negotiations will follow shortly.

With best wishes, I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel





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Updated: May 28, 2015 — 11:57 am
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