IAM Requests ‘Proffer of Arbitration’ in Effort to Conclude Negotiations With ExpressJet

After more than five years of negotiations, IAM International President Bob Martinez today requested that the National Mediation Board (NMB) issue a “proffer of arbitration” to the IAM and ExpressJet in an attempt to conclude the years-long contract negotiations.

A “proffer of arbitration” can be requested and/or refused by either party and is a legally mandated step in contract negotiations under the Railway Labor Act (RLA).  If both sides accept the proffer—or offer—of arbitration, then a neutral arbitrator would have the power to impose contractual terms based on both parties’ proposals.  If the proffer of arbitration is denied by either party, then a 30-day countdown would commence leading to the exercise of “self-help” by either party—strike and/or lockout—if no agreement is reached in the interim.

At the conclusion of the 30-day cooling off period and prior to a strike or lockout, the President of the United States could establish a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB).  The PEB would offer recommendations on how to settle the dispute. If both parties still cannot reach agreement, then both parties would be free to exercise self-help or Congress could intervene and legislate a resolution.  Click here to view the RLA collective bargaining process summary.

It is critical that all IAM members understand that our request for a proffer of arbitration is a necessary step to move this process along and ultimately secure the contract you deserve.  We must, however, prepare for the real possibility that the Company does not share your commitment to attaining the industry-best contract you have waited much too long to achieve.

Our power to achieve our goals is directly related to our unity and solidarity.  We must all demand the fairness and respect that we deserve.  The fact is, the Company has dragged its feet for too long and every day that passes without a genuine effort to attain an agreement is a slap in our face.
Now is the time to put all political differences aside and demand an INDUSTRY-LEADING CONTRACT!!!  Now is the time to come together and demand the company sit down and negotiate fairly!  CONTRACT NOW!!!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact your local base representative for more information.



Dave Supplee

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Updated: January 21, 2016 — 4:46 am
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