IAM statement on United Airlines

While the Machinists Union encourages the airline industry to use the unfortunate passenger removal incident as a moment to reform passenger re-accommodations, we take exception to those who characterize our passenger service members as responsible for such behavior.  Policies are written by management, not front-line employees.  Any decision to remove a passenger in an overbooking situation is made by supervisors, not our members.

It is IAM represented customer facing airline employees who work with the tools they are given to provide exceptional service to the traveling public.  These employees care about airline passengers, public safety and their own jobs.  It is unfair and untrue to paint with a broad brush and say that our members are responsible for frustrating situations when overbooking occurs and passengers are affected.  In fact, it is our members that work diligently to accommodate people with disrupted travel in the most professional and efficient manner allowed by the employer established rules that govern such situations.

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Updated: April 13, 2017 — 11:19 pm
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