What’s Happening?
The Company appealed the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Regional Directors Decision and Direction of Election.  This appeal was officially denied on July 19, 2016. This now clears the way for the Union to begin selecting Shop Stewards, Negotiations Committee Members, and collectively bargaining on your behalf for a “contract”.

During this past week the Union has officially notified the Company of our intent to enter into negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement” and that we will be notifying them of the employees who the Union has selected as Shop Stewards and Negotiations Committee Members.  I am currently talking with a number of your coworkers who have volunteered and would like to serve you as a Steward or Negotiating Committee Member. Anyone interested should contact me by August 5, 2016. The Stewards and Committee members will be selected shortly after I have spoken to those who are interested.


What’s Next?
Once the Union notifies the Company of those employees that have been appointed as Shop Stewards and Negotiations Committee Members we will give those employees training in their new rolls.  At the same time the Union will make information requests from the Company in order to get all the details necessary to negotiate your collective bargaining agreement.  Once all the training has been completed and the information requests are answered we will select dates for negotiations with the Company.


How Long Will Negotiations Take?
 Because this is a “new” agreement it will take longer than just renewing an agreement already in place.  Please be patient. This will not take just one meeting with the Company. It is important to get language that protects you and secures the benefits and wages you deserve.


In Solidarity,

Randy Griffith


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Updated: August 3, 2016 — 2:26 pm
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