Jumpseat Update

In discussions with the IAM, United Airlines has said that the reciprocal jumpseat agreement has a target implementation date of July 25th.

The IAM has been working to solve the issue of IAM Flight Attendants being denied access to United Airlines jumpseats since 2013. We held countless meetings with ExpressJet, United and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA, which represents United Airlines Flight Attendants), we organized petitions and utilized every tool at our disposal to rectify this issue.

As we announced last December, IAM-represented eligible ExpressJet and CommutAir Flight Attendants will finally have the ability to occupy vacant jump seats on all United Airlines aircraft, with reciprocal opportunity for United Flight Attendants on unoccupied ExpressJet jump seats.  Priority access will be given to the Flight Attendant accessing the jump seat on her/his own carrier.

This final resolution comes after tireless pressuring United management to reinstate a fair jumpseat policy and working with the AFA,.

A fair and truly reciprocal jumpseat agreement has always been the IAM’s goal. Your patience, solidarity and meticulous cataloging of repeatedly being denied access to vacant jumpseats played an enormous role in successfully resolving the issue.

The jumpseat fight is finally over – AND WE WON!


Sara Gonzales
General Chair

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Updated: July 28, 2017 — 2:48 pm
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