Expressjet Jumpseat Update

October 20, 2014

IAM Airline Coordinator Ira Levy and I met with the UAL AFA MEC President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer last week in an effort to remedy the current one-sided jumpseat agreement which leaves ExpressJet flight attendants without access to any United jumpseats. As we have reiterated many times before, the IAM does not and will not support a non-reciprocal agreement.

There were two key issues discussed.  The first being the UAL flight attendant contractual provision, which prevents anyone other than a United flight attendant from occupying the s-UAL jumpseats.  After much in depth discussion, the UAL AFA MEC Officers have committed to take the topic of opening up their jumpseat to XJT flight attendants to the rest of the UAL AFA MEC for a decision.
The other issue is United’s unilateral decision to remove XJT flight attendants’ access to s-CAL aircrafts, while allowing all s-CAL and s-UAL flight attendants unlimited access to the XJT flight attendant jumpseat.  There is nothing other than United’s unfair policy preventing XJT flight attendants access to s-CAL jumpseats.  The UAL MEC was very receptive to our plight and committed their support in imploring United to change their unfair and one-sided jumpseat policy and reinstate our long-standing reciprocal jumpseat agreement with s-CAL flight attendants.

We would like to thank UAL AFA for meeting with us and look forward to resolving this issue together.



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Updated: December 17, 2014 — 7:21 pm
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