Neutral Javits Issues Final Integrated Seniority Lists For COPS Members at Alaska Airlines and Virgin America

Sisters and Brothers,

The IAM today announced that Neutral Joshua Javits issued his final integrated seniority lists for the COPS work group at Alaska Airlines.

The final lists are the completion of an investigation Neutral Javits conducted regarding protests of the initial seniority lists, issued on July 12, 2017. The final integrated seniority lists show all seniority dates amended as a result of that protest process.

Neutral Javits considered over 200 protests from the affected employees. Each protester will receive a letter from Neutral Javits explaining the determination of his or her protest.

These seniority lists will become effective 30 days from today’s posting, per Attachment A of the Transition Agreement.

View all final integrated seniority lists, Neutral Javits’ memo and the updated Seniority by Classifications at



David Supplee
President, Directing General Chair


Javits Memorandum 11-17-17


Customer Service Agent Seniority List               Lead Customer Service Agent Seniority List


 Reservation Sales Agent Seniority List              Lead Reservation Sales Agent Seniority List


Crew Scheduling Specialist Seniority List            Lead Crew Scheduling Specialist Seniority List


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Updated: November 17, 2017 — 12:06 pm
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