OPENSKIES Flight Attendants Negotiations Update

We commenced negotiations with OpenSkies for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on June 11, 2015. Present for the Company were Valerie Francois – Human Resources Director, Tony Schepens – Senior Cabin Crew Manager, In-Flight Product Manager, Cristina Kirkorian – Cabin Crew Base Manager USA and Rick Vitarelli – attorney Jackson Lewis. In attendance for the Union were General Chair Mike Manzo and Negotiating Committee Members Cathy Carey and Francois Bisi.

We exchanged proposals and discussed our respective positions and expectations to each other. The talks were productive, positive and encouraging.

We have scheduled the following dates to continue negotiations:  August 20th – 21, September 17 -18, October 29, and November 24, 2015.

Your Negotiating Committee did review the issues raised and the responses to the on-line survey that was conducted to help formulate our proposals. We would like to thank those employees who participated in the survey and who submitted proposals for contract negotiations. Your input and participation was greatly appreciated.

Please address any questions or concerns you have to members of your Negotiating Committee. Additional bulletins will follow to keep everyone informed and updated on our progress.


Michael Manzo




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Updated: June 12, 2015 — 8:56 pm
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