OPEN SKIES Negotiations Update

On Wednesday and Thursday, November 18 and 19, 2015 the Company and Union negotiating committees met at 2 Park Avenue, NYC to continue negotiations.  The Company’s committee included Valerie Francois, Richard Vitarelli, Tony Schepens, and Cristina Kirkorian.  The Union was represented by Michael Manzo, Cathy Carey and Francois Bisi.

During this session, the Company presented the Union with another counter proposal on wages.  We also discussed the following issues, which are contained in various Company and Union proposals and counter proposals; Health Care cost and contribution rates; Positioning Pay; Wages; Grievance Procedures; Vacation; Short Term Absence and Long Term Absence.  Additionally, we reviewed the issues, which have been tentatively agreed to.

Unfortunately, we are still far apart when it comes to the compensation package and the increased cost of the proposed medical insurance contribution.

Due to the unavailability of our entire Negotiating Committee, the session that was scheduled for Friday December 4, 2015, was cancelled.  At this time, there are no additional dates scheduled.

I have advised the Company attorney that there will be a change in the IAMAW District 142 assignments and a new General Chair will be assigned in the month of December 2015.  I will communicate that information to your negotiating committee and the membership when the assignment is completed.  I will be overseeing the transition, will be bringing them up-to-date on where we are, and be there to assist them as needed.

Please address any questions you might have to a member of your negotiating committee.



Michael Manzo



Cathy Carey                  Francois Bisi



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Updated: December 8, 2015 — 3:31 pm
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