Sisters and Brothers:

Your Negotiating Committee continued direct negotiations with the Company on Monday January 22 and Tuesday January 23, 2018 in Dulles, Virginia.  Present for the Company on Monday was Blake Martin, Director of Labor Relations, and Otis Williams, VP of Operations and Cameron Cuthriel, General Manager at BWI.

Your Committee came prepared to start this round of negotiations with the intention of bringing these negotiations to a close by attaining a fair Agreement which addressed the concerns that have been relayed to us and bringing it back to you for your review. As negotiations began on Monday, the Company gave a presentation via telephone conference call on the status and “worst performance in the Country” of the BWI operation. After the presentation, proposals were discussed and tentatively agreed to in:

Article 14 – Union Officials, Stewards and Posted Notices, Article 15 – Bulletin Boards, Article 21 – General and Miscellaneous, Article 22 – Retirement, Article 23 – Filling Vacancies and Shift Bids, Article 24 – Separability and Savings Clause, Article 25 – Complete Agreement

On Tuesday, your Committee gave their proposal to the Company on Article 16 – Wages. Their response fell far short of our expectations and was nothing less than an insult. Future dates for negotiations have not been set at this time. Your Committee will continue to have discussions with the Company in an effort to obtain an economic package that gives you dignity and respect you deserve and holds the Company accountable for the promises that were made.

As many of you are aware, your Negotiating Committee visited the BWI facility on January 24, 2018 and had direct meetings with several groups.  I would like to remind everyone about the discussions that were held.  To address the Company’s portrayal of the BWI operations performance, there were several areas that we have the ability to improve our operation, which I discussed with each group.  Reporting to work on time, accomplishing our job in a timely manner and taking care of our equipment. This being said, after my observation of your operation, I found more areas of concern that contribute to the performance at BWI that you have absolutely no control over.  I pointed these concerns out to your General Manager, explaining that it is unacceptable for this Company to hold you accountable for issues that are out of your control.

Future updates will be sent as we move forward.  Your solidarity and support is imperative at this point.  Continue working towards delivering a consistent, on time professional service to our customers.


In Solidarity,

Bill Wise

 Aaron Thompson                                            Blair Carter
CHIEF STEWARD                                            STEWARD





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