Brothers and Sisters:

What an end to 2015!  Your resolve and hard work led to a huge victory for your workgroup.  When you voted for the Union you took the first step in having a true say in your working conditions.  Your example has inspired other workgroups at the airport to reach out to the IAM and asked us to help them organize a Union.  Now, let’s keep the power in our hands in 2016.

Since the IAM was certified as your Union by the National Labor Relations Board I would like to update everyone on what has been happening and what the process is going forward.

  • The IAM has been laying the foundation for on-site Union representation by establishing Shop Stewards. Additionally, your Union has established an agreement with the Company to contact and discuss with Union leadership before it suspends or terminates any Fueler.

Note: Recently it was discovered that a couple of supervisors had in fact suspended some individuals without notifying upper management or the Union.  Because of all your support, we were able to get the Company to pay these individuals for the time they had been suspended.

  • The IAM has selected members to help begin preparing for and participating in the upcoming contract negotiations.  The IAM has requested information from the Company that, by law, they have to provide the Union.  This information will give the Negotiations Committee all the required knowledge of the workgroup and Company necessary to negotiate a contract that addresses the needs of the members.  Once we have this information, the Negotiations Committee will meet to review it.

What’s to come:

  • Training – First for Negotiations Committee members before we enter face-to-face talks with the Company and then for Shop Stewards after we have an agreement.
  • Begin Negotiations with the Company – We cannot start negotiations until the Committee has received the necessary training so no dates have been set yet.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of you and especially Fabian Liendo for their hard work.  Going forward Fabian has been reassigned and I will be Representing this workgroup.  I have already met with some of you and look forward to developing a lasting relationship with all of you.  Please send any questions, comments or concerns to myself.

Here is my contact Info:  Randy Griffith,  General Chair-IAM, Cell: 602-903-4757,  Email:



Randy Griffith

General  Chair


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Updated: January 19, 2016 — 11:37 am
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