Swissport PHX Negotiations Update

Your Chief Negotiators meet with Company representatives on October 18, 2016 at Swissport Headquarters in Dulles, VA. We were successful in reaching Tentative Agreements on most of the remaining open Items; Hourly Job Descriptions, No Strike and No Lockout, Holidays, Leaves of Absence, and Duration. The Company passed it’s “Last, Best, and Final” Proposal on wages. The only open item is Health Insurance. We are currently awaiting a cost comparison of the Company’s medical plan and a plan offered by the IAM National Benefit Trust and expect this information very soon. After the Health Benefits are agreed to these negotiations will have concluded.

This is a historic time for the Members at Swissport. Less than a year ago you voted by an overwhelming majority to have the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers represent you and now you will have the opportunity to vote on a Union Contract!

In this agreement the Union and your Negotiating Committee secured for all of you; Job protections, Seniority, improvements to Vacation, Holidays and Leaves of Absences, Attendance bonuses, Lead, Trainer and Tanker Premiums, and Guaranteed Wage Increases and raises going forward for EVERYONE! Additionally, Work rules for Hours of Service, Overtime, Filling of Vacancies and Health and Safety. This agreement solidifies in writing your right to have Shop Stewards and Union Officials represent you when you are confronted by management as well as a Grievance Procedure for members who believe the terms of the agreement have not been properly applied.

In the next couple of weeks each member will be provided a copy of the complete agreement to study and ask questions. The copies will be handed out at work and you will be required to sign for a copy. We will also schedule and hold informational meetings where your questions will be answered and the agreement will be explained in detail. Meeting times and locations will be posted soon. These meetings will be held before any vote is taken on the agreement.

It is critical at this time that you do not listen to the rumor mill. If you don’t personally hear it from one of the negotiators then it is probably incorrect. Once the copies of the agreement are distributed the Negotiations Committee members will be free to discuss the agreement in detail.

Solidarity Forever!
Randy Griffith
General Chairman

Bronson McGee           Rob Helmer            Steven Van Note           Joseph Morones
Negotiation Committee

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Updated: October 21, 2016 — 6:56 am
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