SWISSPORT – PHX OJI Appointments

Due to employee cancellations or no shows to OJI medical follow-up appointments there has been many unnecessary delays in returning employees to full duty.  In a meeting held with Otis and Armando on March 29, 2016 the Company notified the Union of this concern.  After these discussions the Company agreed to continue to allow employees to make these follow-up appointments while they are on the clock to reduce any hardship they may create.  The Company further stated that if an employee misses a follow-up appointment that employee needs to communicate the reasons why to their local management.   Employees without good reason for missing the appointment may be subject to progressive discipline.

Please, don’t expose yourself to ANY form of discipline if it is within your power to avoid it.  Go to your scheduled follow-up appointments.


In Solidarity,

Randy Griffith




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Updated: March 31, 2016 — 9:44 am
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