There has been several questions and concerns as to what is next after your successful vote for the IAM as your representation. There was an attempt to schedule meetings with the Swissport membership with District General Chair Randy Griffith to discuss the issues of representation and negotiations on your first agreement. Unfortunately, due to medical issues, Randy was unable to schedule any meetings. After this short delay, I arrived in Phoenix at the beginning of the week and met with several of you, listened to your concerns and answered questions that were asked.

We need to establish a Stewards base and a Negotiating Committee in order to prepare for and begin negotiations with the Company on your first Collective Bargaining Agreement. After discussions with Randy, we have supplied District 142 President, Dave Supplee a list of names for Stewards and the Negotiating Committee. He will make a final determination and send a follow-up notice to this membership and to the Company. Your Negotiating Committee will meet after the upcoming Holidays.

I met with the General Manger, Otis Williams, on Wednesday to discuss several issues that arose after your vote was concluded. The meeting went well with a positive outcome, demonstrating the Company understands the fact that the IAM is here to stay and anxious to begin the process for negotiations. The concerns on the status quo provisions of the National Labor Relations Act were also discussed. The Company currently has policies that were in place when the election was conducted which they indicated they fully intend to follow, preserving the status quo. Furthermore, the Company agreed that until a Collective Bargaining Agreement can be negotiated they will notify Randy or myself if any issues arise which, they feel, warrants discipline of suspensions or termination in an attempt to discuss and resolve.

It was a pleasure meeting those I could this week and look forward to meeting the rest of the membership. Understand the process is in motion. District 142 is committed to this membership and will keep you notified through face to face meetings and future bulletins.

Have a great Holiday season.


Bill Wise


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Updated: December 18, 2015 — 9:34 am
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