Urgent: ExpressJet Flight Attendants

Please be advised ExpressJet has issued the following memo:

This is an update for anyone in the Houston area, in hotels or at home, and for any Houston-based crewmembers trying to get home from other hubs.

Currently, United is running a flight IAH-ORD at around 1330 today if you can get from your hotel to the airport. Brittany Smith in Crew Scheduling is coordinating these deadheads.  Most of those crew members on JFK Blvd, should be able to get to the airport.

If you are a Houston commuter and are trying to get to work today or tomorrow, contact Crew Scheduling to see about going to another hub to start your trip as we don’t recommend trying to get to IAH today.  We are planning to start up again, probably tomorrow afternoon, but that is still pretty fluid.

If you are local, but stuck out of town, we are working to recover the couple of crews in Mexico today, and if you are in ORD or EWR trying to get home, you should be able to get on a deadhead today.

If you are local and home, stay safe.  I would like to hear from you if you need assistance.  I’m assuming that most of you are ok, but are concerned about getting on roads and about possible future flooding.  If you are able to get to the airport and are scheduled to work and are able to leave your homestead, come on in and you can also deadhead to ORD to start flying out of there. So, to reiterate, let me hear from you today if you can get to the airport or if you are in immediate need of assistance.

Reminder, for deadheads contact Brittany.smith@expressjet.com or via mymessage


Please be safe out there!

In solidarity,

Sara Gonzales

 General Chairperson

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Updated: August 28, 2017 — 1:14 pm
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