US AIRWAYS Screening Committee Announced

As we reported last week, the IAM Contract Screening Committee is scheduled to meet in Charlotte, NC the week of May 18th to go through the proposals submitted by the membership.   We have included all work groups on the committee, as the members have requested.   Below are the members of the screening committee:

Heavy Line Insp GSE Stores
Mark Hiem – CLT Garrett Miller – CLT Kenny Gies – CLT Tim Stockfish – CLT Randall Jarvis – CLT
Mike Cicconi – PIT Tim O’Connell –  BOS Tim Reiseg – PHL Omar Burdette – PHX
Pete Knorr – PHX Sandy Niedermair – PHL
Steve Teike -ORD John Novak – PIT
Rick Comfort – PHL
Utility Planner/Tech Docs QA MTS MOC
Todd Day – CLT Rob Porcelli – CLT Marti Welsh – PIT Mike Evans – PIT Dave Cain – PIT
Gary Bufalini – PIT Carolyn Chavarria – PHX
Jim Gaggiano – PIT


Once the committee has completed their task, we will be ready to move forward with our TWU partners in the collective bargaining process.


David Supplee

President & Directing

General Chair

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Updated: May 7, 2015 — 7:17 pm
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