USAirways/American Airlines IAM Contract Screening Committee Update

Your Contract Screening Committee met this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Committee was organized in order to help prepare the Negotiations Committee for the fast approaching negotiations of a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. Your Screening Committee was composed of members representing each classification under our agreement. This week the Screening Committee quantified, sorted and reviewed more than 3,400 contract proposals.

After the Representation decision by the NMB this week certifying the Associations, the screening process is the next major step to get back to the negotiating table with our TWU Association partners to get our membership the industry leading contract we deserve. As we approach negotiations your support and solidarity is more important than ever.

The Screening Committee would like to thank the E-board and members of the Victory Lodge 1725 in Charlotte, North Carolina for all their support this week during the screening process.

In Solidarity,

Your Contract Screening Committee

 Heavy Maintenance                          Line Maintenance                 Inspection

Mark Hiem – CLT                              Garrett Miller – CLT               Kenny Geis – CLT

Mike Cicconi – PIT                             Tim O’Connell – BOS

Pete Knorr – PHX

Steve Teike – ORD

Rick Comfort – PHL

 GSE                                                    Stores                                      Utility

Tim Stockfish – CLT                          Randall Jarvis – CLT              Todd Day – CLT

Tim Reiseg – PHL                              Omer Burdette – PHX            Gary Bufalini – PIT

Sandy Niedermair – PHL

John Novak – PIT

Planner/Tech Docs                QA Consultants                     MTS                         MOC

Rob Porcelli – CLT                 Espy Esparagoza – CLT         Mike Evans – PIT    Dave Cain – PIT

Carolyn Chavarria – PHX

Jim Gaggiano – PIT


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Updated: May 21, 2015 — 9:55 am
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