***VOTE IS THIS MORNING*** Tell Congress Flight Attendants Deserve 10 Hours Rest Now!!

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Tell Congress Flight Attendants Deserve 10 Hours Rest Now!!


February 11, 2016


The House Transportation Committee will be considering the FAA Reauthorization bill H.R. 4441 this Today, February 11th.  We need every IAM Flight Attendant to contact members on the Transportation Committee and tell them to vote “YES” to Representative Michael Capuano’s Flight Crew Fatigue Amendment to the FAA bill when it is considered. 


It’s time to put Congress on notice, that we are DONE being treated as second class citizens behind pilots.  They need to realize that we are an integral part of aviation safety and we demand to be treated like it! 


We need each of you along with your family and friends to call at least two or three representatives that are in your state – if you are from a state with no members on the Transportation Committee, then call a member located in a state that you fly to on a regular basis. 


Sample Telephone Script: “Hello, my name is _________ and I live in _________. I’m a Flight Attendant for Express Jet and proud Machinists Union member. I’m calling to urge Representative _____________ to support the Flight Crew Fatigue Amendment being offered by Representative Capuano to the FAA Reauthorization bill. Hopefully, Flight Attendants can count on Representative _____________ support.” This is going to be a tough fight, but we can WIN if the members on the Transportation Committee hear from us before Thursday’s vote. By calling and letting Congress know we need this, we are simply doing what we do best, ensuring safety in aviation. It’s time to make history, not just for us but also to protect future generations of Flight Attendants and passengers. Call now and let them know that the Fighting Machinist Flight Attendants will NOT stand for substandard rest and fatigue protections!  Your voice matters!


Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure 

Majority Members



William Shuster -Chairman R-PA 9th District 202-225-2431
Donald E. Young R-AK At Large 202-225-5765
John J. Duncan, Jr.- Vice Chairman R- TN 2nd  District 202-225-5435
John L. Mica R-FL 7th District 202-225-4035
Frank A. LoBiondo R-NJ 2nd District 202-225-6572
Samuel Graves R- MO 6th District 202-225-7041
Candice S. Miller R- MI 10th  District 202-225-2106
Duncan Duane Hunter R-CA 50th District 202-225-5672
Eric Alan Crawford R-AR 1st  District 202-225-4076
Louis J. Barletta R-PA 11th  District 202-225-6511
Randolph B. Farenthold R-TX 27th  District 202-225-7742
Robert Brian Gibbs R-OH 7th District 202-225-6265
Richard L. Hanna R-NY 22nd District 202-225-3665
Daniel A. Webster R-FL 10th District 202-225-2176
Jeff Denham R-CA 10th District 202-225-4540
Reid Ribble R-WI 8th District 202-225-5665
Thomas Massie R- KY 4th District 202-225-3465
Mark Meadows R-NC 11th District 202-225-6401
Scott Perry R-PA 4th District 202-225-5836
Rodney Davis R-IL 13th District 202-225-2371
Mark Sandford R-SC 1st District 202-225-3176
W. Robert Woodall R-GA 7th District 202-225-4272
Theodore Edward Rokita R-IN 4th District 202-225-5037
John M. Katko R-NY 24th District 202-225-3701
Brian Babin R-TX 36th District 202-225-1555
Cresent Hardy R-NV 4th District 202-225-9894
Ryan A. Costello R-PA 6th District 202-225-4315
Garret Graves R-LA 6th District 202-225-3901
Mimi Walter R- CA 45th District 202-225-5611
Barbara J. Comstock R-VA 10th District 202-225-5136
Carlos L. Curbelo R-FL 26th District 202-225-2778
David Rouzer R-NC 7th District 202-225-2731
Lee Zeldin R-NY 1st District 202-225-3826

Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Minority Members 

Peter A. DeFazio –

Rnk. Minority Member

D-OR 4th District 202-225-6416
Eleanor Holmes Norton D-DC Delegate 202-225-8050
Jerry  Nadler D-NY 10th District 202-225-5635
Corrine Brown D-FL 5th District 202-225-0123
Eddie B. Johnson D-TX 30th District 202-225-8885
Elijah E. Cummings D-MD 7th District 202-225-4741
Richard Ray Larsen D-WA 2nd District 202-225-2605
Michael E. Capuano D-MA 7th District 202-225-5111
Grace Flores Napolitano D-CA 32nd District 202-225-5256
Daniel Lipinski D-IL 3rd District 202-225-5701
Stephen I. Cohen D-TN 9th District 202-225-3265
Albio Sires D-NJ 8th District 202-225-7919
Donna F. Edwards D-MD 4th District 202-225-8699
John R. Garamendi D-CA 3rd District 202-225-1880
Andre D.  Carson D-IN 7th District 202-225-4011
Janice K. Hahn D-CA 44th District 202-225-8220
Richard M. Nolan DFL-MN 8th District 202-225-6211
Ann Kirkpatrick D-AZ 1st District 202-225-3361
Dina Titus D-NV 1st District 202-225-5965
Sean P. Maloney D-NY 18th District 202-225-5441
Elizabeth H. Etsy D-CT 5th District 202-225-4476
Lois J. Frankel D-FL 22nd District 202-225-9890
Cheri Bustos D-IL 17th District 202-225-5905
Jared W. Huffman D-CA 2nd District 202-225-5161
Julia Brownley D-CA 26th District 202-225-5811

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